Simple Onboarding

At Creativby, it starts over a chat

1. Chat

Tell us your requirement in the chat

To save you time and effort explaining the same to every creator and to allow us to prepare a proper brief before we talk to any creator. Secondly, freelancers bid without reading or understanding the project requirement. That is why so many projects take down south after committing. We want to listen to you before telling you a price.

It depends on how you define urgent. It takes around 3-5 hours for us to engage with creators and approximately 22-24 hours for a project to get started. In our experience, we have begun projects in 30 minutes. When you have a larger project and an urgency, we split the scope and pull in more talents to get it done.

If you don’t have time to discuss this now, just tell us when to reach you in the chat for the brief. Our creative directors will add it to their schedule and contact you at your convenience. Alternatively, you can also write to

2. Hire

We connect you with the right creator

Each project gets its fixed price estimate based on size, complexity, and urgency. You will get three estimates, one for each creator level (Expert Level / Mid Level / Entry level). We can view the pricing range on each service page.

We have an internal matchmaking system that connects you with the most appropriate talent based on a combination of your project requirements, our expert skill sets, budget, and availability. Additionally, we have a strict rule that our creators can only say yes to projects they are 100% confident they can deliver on time and to the highest standard.

The single price estimate sets us apart from all other freelancer marketplaces. Multiple offers are known as bidding—bidding results in a race to the bottom on pricing that ultimately results in low-quality work. We focus on quality, so you get the fairest price and the highest quality work.

3. Work

Start collaborating with your project

We will treat any additional services from the actual scope separately and send you a new estimate. Talk to our creative directors when you have one.

Of course, we would love that. Since our creators constantly line up with projects, we recommend that you reach out to us beforehand to get the same talent on schedule. You can always hire someone to try a different skill set upon unavailability. We ensure the workflow is the same with every creator so that you won’t feel any learning curve with the new talent. Our creative directors will take care of this part.

We store all your files conveniently and securely in the Creativby workspace and the cloud storage and are available to download anytime. Just ask us your account manager if you need help finding it.

You are paying only for the creatives/output files and don’t include the source files. Please tell us your concerns during the initial discussion if you want to own the source files. You may need to pay an additional cost to the project budget to hold the source files.

4. Pay

Money is safe and secure until you approve

Yes, once we scope out your project thoroughly and hire your preferred creator, you deposit the total cost of your project into the Creativby account before the project work starts. Your money is safely and securely stored until you’ve marked the task as complete. Once that’s done, we transfer the money to the creator’s account. This way, we ensure that you have a committed creator for your project and protect your funds if things don’t work out.

You can also break down higher-budget projects into milestones so you fund each milestone instead of the entire project cost ahead of time.

The payment module works the other way if you are in a retainer contract with Ceativby. Contact your account manager to know more about retainer payments.

We recommend that you start a one-time project with us for the first time, letting us know each other’s workflow. Once you are happy with us, you can continue collaborating with us in the retainership module.

Yes, we have a money-back policy. If the creator couldn’t deliver to your satisfaction, you will receive either a partial or full refund. Whether a partial or full refund is due, Creativby fees are always non-refundable.

Creativby earns money by charging clients a service fee of 17.5% for all estimates submitted and by setting creators a platform fee between 15-20%.

We invest significant time and effort to find, recruit and maintain the best talents (so you don’t have to). We also invest many hours in building and maintaining a reliable platform that enables clients and creators to collaborate and get work done hassle-free. And finally, we provide near 24-7 support service to ensure your peace of mind. Our service fee covers all of the above and ensures we stay profitable, so we can keep doing our best.