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Creativby is an all-inclusive, community-driven, and fair-play platform for creative freelancer jobs. A place to inspire and get inspired.

Creative Community

No bidding

What ultimately plagues other platforms for creative talents is bidding and a mad race to the bottom of prices on freelance projects. We are a no-bidding culture platform.

Creative People

Get inspired

We’ve created a network of creators and made them colleagues, not competitors. Our creators exchange ideas and share knowledge through a private forum and regular skill-sharing sessions.

Talents Community

Feel community

You’re never alone on Creativby. We are here to help you navigate a tricky client relationship or a project going south. You’ll have access to our dedicated expert community manager 24/7.

Get your place in the largest finest creators tribe

Quality first! We second that. Creators who carry and operate by the values and are committed to giving as much as they are willing to get from the community get in. Only 2% of all applicants pass.

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Get in

Do you understand design and customer experience? Do you have a great portfolio? You can just apply your interest to join the first-ever curated creative community.

Get work

Stay active in the community and work on what you like. Create it with love and passion. Deliver it with quality and on time. You will win the next.

Get paid

Our clients strongly come to Creativby for high quality and experience. Produce stunning creatives, and once the project is approved, you get to the party.

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Work for brands that resonate with your personality

Discover your space and do what you love. How about a foodie who designs a food label, a hippy adventurer who writes for a travel blog, and a cyclist who develops a Shopify website for a sports eCommerce? Sensible!

We host 100+ creators, not 100K

Being a small curated community helps us to understand your strength and work with you closely. We don’t think AI can do what we do. See what people say about our parent platform



3D Artist at Renderby

Great and reliable team!

“ I have been working with Renderby for over a year now. And as an artist, I want to say that working with such a team is a pleasure! ”



3D Artist at Renderby


“ Organized and reliable company, a great experience is to work with them, it really feels to be in a team giving the best, happy to be part of such a professional team. ”



Creative director at Swiss Madisson

Great Professional Rendering

“ Renderby is always quick and very professional. They will work until you are fully satisfied with the end result. Very happy to have worked with them for over a year and will continue to do so in the future.”



Marketing Director at DASCO


“Renderby produced excellent quality renders. They matched the budget and timeline we were after and the process was enjoyable. They were great to work with and we look forward to collaborating again.”

Your questions, explained

Application and vetting process

Individual talents & growing agencies, if you want to make a difference in design, creative writing, marketing, and web & app development, we want to hear from you. We are looking for professionals with great skill sets with a minimum of 3 years of experience working with clients, managing expectations, and producing exquisite results.

Regarding the selection, we look for various aspects that make you stand out from the entire artists’ community.

  1. Portfolio
    • Original work
    • Creativity
    • Usage of colors, patterns, and types
    • Presentation skill
    • Differences between each work
    • Expression of your character
  2. Persona
    • Ability to ask the right questions
    • Responsible and committed
    • Open to constructive criticism
    • Reply time and acknowledgments
    • Know how to carry a smile at the meetings

You must submit an online google form to demonstrate your experience and previous work references. If you get shortlisted, we will set up a google meet to get to know you personally. A series of paid/unpaid test projects follow to understand your workflow. You must pass each stage to proceed to the next.

We will get back to you typically within 3-5 business days, depending on the number of applications received.

Creativby is a premium creators platform. To ensure our quality standards are being met (or exceeded) at all times, we vet every single expert on the platform for both qualities of creation and quality communication. Our expectations are high, but we’re confident yours are.

Aside from providing the best references to previous work, it’s essential to demonstrate that you’re motivated to join the Creativby community and why. Spelling and grammar errors can prevent your application from being approved for the next stage.

Yes, we welcome applicants to re-apply after 12 months of not passing. This will give you time to improve and increase your chances of passing the next time.

Projects and payments

One of our Account Managers will contact you with the project brief. If the request appears to be something you’re comfortable assisting with and can complete with excellent quality results, you are welcome to begin engaging. All communications are through a Creativby workspace provided to you.

We ask all new creators to limit themselves to 2 max projects for their first 60 days (trial period for all new creators). After your trial is complete and we’ve witnessed your expertise, we may increase this limit to 5. We expect you to manage your time and client expectations about deadlines constantly. Finding projects is not hard, but managing them can become challenging with too many simultaneously open projects. If you can handle more than five projects comfortably, let us know, and we can look into increasing this on a per-creator basis.

Yes, you may work with other creators on Creativby to complete projects. We refer to this as Creativby Teams. We will provide full details on how this works once you are a part of Creativby.

We provide three estimates instead of bids, each for expert-level, mid-level, and entry-level talents. This prevents the ‘race-to-the-bottom’ challenge found on other freelance platforms and gives clients peace of mind by not being overwhelmed with hundred estimates for one project. It isn’t sensible for 100s of talents like you to spend time quoting for the same project. Please concentrate on creating as we take care of the rest.

Unlike any freelancer network, we do not believe in bidding, monkey races, or AI. We value your quality and hard work. Instead of just connecting you and clients, our account managers and creative directors make this platform stand out by guiding and motivating you through the extraordinary service they provide by managing the project from start to end.

Creativby earns money by charging clients a service fee of 17% for all estimates submitted and by charging creators a platform fee which is often 20%.

This fee helps us to

  • Market creativby around the world and find projects for you.
  • Be available 24/7 to discuss with clients about the project and quotes.
  • To pay account managers and creative directors involved in the project.
  • To provide you support, secure payments, fraud protection, and, of course, a tiny profit to run the business

Regarding the split, you and the other talents make up 80% of the project estimate. There are no limits to how much you can earn on Creativby. If you’re looking for proxy employment or shortcuts to make money without effort, you will not find success.

We pay in full once the project is completed and approved by the client. For long-term projects, we make payments in parts.

Our payout day is every Wednesday. After the client approves a project, we transfer the money to your bank or PayPal accounts, minus applicable fees. You may then make a withdrawal at any time. PayPal processes withdrawals within 24 hours, Monday and Friday. Bank Wires usually takes 2-5 business days to reach you.

Note: If you receive funds in your bank account outside the USA, you will cover any intermediate transfer and currency conversion fees.